You asked: What is the most stolen motorcycle?

Which bikes are stolen most?

As far as brands taken, there’s little surprise to see two of the so-called ‘big three’ in Bikmo’s most stolen – Giant and Specialized. A second bicycle insurer corroborates the finding; PedalSure also name the two brands as their most wanted by thieves.

Where do most stolen motorcycles go?

Stolen motorcycles end up with “new illegal owners” and sometimes as parts at the bike market.

Which motorcycles are least likely to be stolen?

Suzuki’s 650 Savage (now called the Boulevard S40), Honda 250 and 450 Rebels (grouped together) and BMW R1200C series cruiser made the top five on both of the least-lost lists, with the Savage topping the least-stolen list.

What motorcycles get stolen?

According to the NICB, the most commonly stolen motorcycle models are Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Harley-Davidson. Nearly one out of every five motorcycles stolen is a Honda. While you are never entirely safe from motorcycle thieves, you should consider the above tips for motorcycle theft protection.

Do homeless people steal bikes?

They earn the money to buy their bicycles. Others get them from churches, homeless outreach programs, good samaritans, bicycles shops, thrift stores, salvation army, goodwill,…and some homeless people steal them just like people with homes and money to buy a bicycle steal them.

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Why do thieves steal bikes?

Acquisitive: These thieves steal bicycles for financial gain and usually trade them for cash or goods. The bikes may also be sold in pieces for drugs or money.

Are motorcycles easy to steal?

They are extremely easy to steal. The average motorcycle(especially sport bikes) only weight around 400 pounds. Even with a disc or steering lock in place, two grown people can easily lift the bike into a van or in the bed of a truck and drive right off.

How do thieves start motorcycles?

Thieves often steal a bike by breaking the steering lock and wheeling it away. Use a chain lock through the back wheel (the front wheel can be removed). Secure your bike, with the lock taut to an immovable object such as a ground anchor or street furniture.

How do thieves steal a motorcycle?

How do thieves steal motorcycles? Sometimes it’s as easy as throwing a leg over and riding away. The thief walks up to your bike, disables anti-theft devices and locks, jump starts the engine and hits the road with your bike. It just takes one person who can get dropped off or take a bus to get within walking distance.

Are Goldwings hard to steal?

Why It Won’t Be Stolen: At 904 lbs (curb) and 99.1 in. in length, the Gold Wing is an exceptionally heavy, exceptionally large motorcycle. Loading it into a van or a truck when you have the key and using engine power is hard enough. … Too difficult to steal with little payoff makes this bike relatively safe.

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How many stolen motorcycles are recovered?

Of the vehicles stolen statewide, 95.6 percent of the automobiles, 92.9 percent of the personal trucks and sport utility vehicles, 80.5 percent of the commercial trucks, and 53.8 percent of the motorcycles were recovered.

How do you stop a motorcycle theft?

How Do I Protect My Motorcycle From Theft

  1. How To Prevent Motorcycle Theft. …
  2. Lock Your Steering Lock. …
  3. Keep Your Lock Off The Ground. …
  4. Lock Your Motorcycle To Something Heavy. …
  5. Use Multiple Locks On Your Bike. …
  6. Buy Quality Locks And Chains. …
  7. Install A Hidden Kill Switch. …
  8. Park Your Bike In A Well-Lit Location.

How many motorcycles are stolen each year?

In 2019, California had 6,913 motorcycles reported as stolen.

Number of reported motorcycle thefts in the United States in 2019, by state.

Characteristic Number of thefts
California 6,913
Florida 4,085
Texas 3,165