You asked: How do you take the back tire off of a moped?

How do you change a scooter wheel?

Are your scooter wheels worn out from hitting the pavement too hard?

  1. Loosen the Old Wheel. Insert an allen wrench into each screw on both sides of the old wheel, crank the allen wrench counter-clockwise to loosen the screws and pull out the axle.
  2. Replace with New Wheel. …
  3. Tighten the New Wheel.

Do moped tires have tubes?

Older styled scooter rims only work with tubes. A scooter tyre with a tube when punctured the tube can be repaired and you are off again. But with out the tube a scooter tyre with a puncture can’t be fixed(any motorcycle/scooter tyre should never be patched) and you are stuck till you get a new one.

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