Why do motorcycles sound different?

Different engines sing different songs as they release compressed gas from the cylinders, then through the exhaust valves and exhaust system, crafting their own unique sound signatures. Some designs make such distinctive sounds that they are instantly recognizable long before the bike comes into sight.

Why do motorcycles sound so bad?

Excessively loud motorcycles are the result of the deliberate action of their owners to alter their exhaust system–which is illegal. … Those after-market exhaust mufflers are not designed with effective exhaust noise suppression as a primary design goal.

Why do motorcycles sound better than cars?

The engine in a car is inside a big cage made of sheet metal which blocks much of the noise from the actual engine. The power band of a motorcycle engine is often at a higher RPM than that of a car engine, so the motorcycle engine will run consistently faster, and therefore louder.

Why do motorcycles sound like guns?

back firing in the exhaust is due to a leak in the exhaust that allows out side oxygen rich air to be drawn into the exhaust pipe where it meets unburned fuel in a very hot environment, bang!

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Why do motorcycles sound like v8s?

The different firing interval is the reason Harley engines have a V8-like sound. Harley’s V-Twin engine has two cylinders arranged in a 45-degree “V” configuration attached to a single-pin crankshaft. Since the pistons are sharing a pin, this causes the cylinders to fire at uneven intervals.

Why do people want loud motorcycles?

But perhaps the biggest reason motorcycle riders like to have loud motorcycles is for safety. A lot of people will argue that having a loud motorcycle can really help with safety, but anything a motorcyclist can do to get other motorists to notice them is worth doing.

How loud is too loud for a motorcycle?

Researchers have found that people who are exposed over long periods of time to noise levels at 85 dBA or higher are at a much greater risk for hearing loss. Sounds at or below 70 dBA are generally considered safe.

Are loud motorcycles safer?

Sometimes, it seems there are almost as many myths about motorcycle safety as there is genuine advice. And one that persists is the notion that ‘loud pipes save lives. ‘ I.e., the louder your motorcycle’s exhaust is, the safer you’ll be. But a new study has thoroughly debunked that.

Can motorcycles be quieter?

Almost all of stock motorcycles are made to be very quiet. The issue is people like to swap them out with an aftermarket “mufflers” which is effectively a noise amplifier. This is technically illegal but rarely enforced. My 1.1 liter sized large motorcycle makes less noise than the wind using stock pipes.

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Should motorcycles be loud?

Unfortunately our hands are tied up, just a bit. California Vehicle Code sections 27201 and 27202 established the following: A noise limit of 92 decibels applies to any motorcycle manufactured before 1970. … However, in order for us to enforce these regulations we are required to have a calibrated decibel meter!

Can a motorcycle sound like a gun?

The exhaust on a motorcycle can be modified to make it louder, sounding like rapid gunfire. NYPD confirmed to Inside Edition that they are looking into whether the exhaust on the motorcycle that triggered the panic in Times Square had been modified to make it sound like gunshots.

What is backfiring on a motorcycle?

Backfiring on a motorcycle is a common thing that you should always anticipate every time you are enjoying your ride. That said, this issue occurs in the intake or the exhaust of your motorbike. … More often than not, the motorcycle backfire occurs due to uncombusted fuel or gas inside the exhaust pipe.

Why does Harley Davidson sound?

The secret to the distinctive roar is simple. Engines make noise when the hot gas escapes the exhaust valve opening when a spark plug fires. With most bikes, one spark plug fires on one revolution of the crankshaft, and the other fires on the second, so the sound is smooth.

Do Indian motorcycles sound like Harleys?

Indians sound as good as any Harley side by side with the same exhaust. Yes it’s a bit different but not that much. Cams are what gives it more of that loping sound nothing else.

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Are Vance and Hines pipes loud?

The sound was loud and about 85-86 Db standing about 50 feet away. Then I took out the standard baffles that came with the Vance & Hines pipes. Wow the sound was very loud and about 90-91 Db standing about 50 feet away. Then Installed these Baffles and the sound was much better, about 79-80 Db standing about 50 feet.