What should I do with my old motorcycle helmet?

What can I do with an old riding helmet?

Re-purposing Old or Expired Helmets

If the helmet is old and tattered, or old and ugly, or has been crashed or damaged in some way, it would probably be best just to cut the straps off, hit it a few times with a sledge hammer and put it in the trash or recycle bin (maybe they do recycle locally).

When should you throw out a motorcycle helmet?

Like most things, helmets have an expiration date. Every motorcyclist should be aware that they need to replace their helmet every five years.

Do motorcycle helmets really expire?

The answer is: Yes, there is. Manufacturers recommend replacement, no matter how it looks, every 7 years from the production date and after 5 years of use. To check when your helmet was manufactured, look inside to find a date stamp.

Can you sell second hand motorcycle helmets?

With motorcycle crash helmets it is known that the application of certain types of decorative stickers to the helmet’s surface can weaken the plastic shell. … For this reason we recommend you do not sell second- hand crash helmets, visors and other safety helmets unless you can personally verify their history.

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Is it safe to use an old motorcycle helmet?

As well as damage to the EPS lining, the outer shell of the helmet could also be compromised. Microfractures that you might not be able to see could form in the shell of the helmet once it is dropped or crashed in, this will significantly weaken the structure.

Do riding helmets expire?

The maximum useful lifespan of a riding helmet is five years, from the date of first wear. Even if you haven’t been in an accident with your helmet, it’s important to replace it after it expires past this time. This is due to natural wear and tear on the materials. … You should replace your helmet before riding again.

How do I donate a bike helmet?

Not only are helmets important, but they can be thrifty, too — if you snag free bike helmets from these places.

  1. Check your local children’s hospital to see if your kid qualifies for a free helmet. …
  2. Attend a YMCA Healthy Kids Day and get a free helmet. …
  3. Ask your health insurance provider if they offer a free helmet.

How long should I keep my motorcycle helmet?

A. Helmet manufacturers give their helmets a “life” of about five years with “average” use, so that advice was essentially correct.

Can you recycle crash helmets?

There isn’t an official way to recycle a motorcycle helmet, but it’s possible that your lid could continue to serve for years to come, albeit not on anyone’s head. … So take the opportunity to let of some steam and destroy your helmet beyond possible use (but be safe and sensible, of course!).

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Is a 10 year old motorcycle helmet still good?

Helmet manufacturers recommend that you replace your helmet 3 to 5 years from the ‘date of manufacture’. Helmet replacement is also endorsed by the Snell Memorial Foundation which recommends that “motorcycle helmets be replaced after five (5) years of first use, or less if the manufacturer so recommends.”

How do I know if my motorcycle helmet is still good?

Check in with your head. “Typically, you know if the helmet took a good hit, because a good hit to the helmet is a good hit to the head,” Parks says. “Just even the sound of the impact or the way your head felt—like if you hit hard enough to see stars—can tell you if the helmet should be replaced.”

How long do unused motorcycle helmets last?

The industry standard states that the lifespan of a motorcycle helmet is five years. That is as long as you have not cut its life short by an accident or impact to it. If that happens you should definitely not use it, time to trash it!

Can you sell an expired helmet?

Never re-sell a helmet if it has been involved in a major impact or is over five years old, either of which may degrade the protection offered by the helmet. Never sell a second-hand helmet if you are unsure of its history or if it appears damaged.

Can you sell pre owned helmets on Ebay?

Sellers must state in the listing that the car seat meets this standard. Used car seats are not allowed. Eligible sellers can list new bike helmets. Used bike helmets are not allowed.

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How much is a used motorcycle helmet?

A used motorcycle helmet can cost between $30 and $550 on average, depending on its condition and age.