What motorcycles do NSW police use?

The NSW Police Force has two types of bikes – the BMW K1100 and Honda ST 1100. These are specially designed police bikes with the following features: 1100 cc, four cylinder, EFI engine. five speed transmission.

What type of motorcycle do police use?

The most commonly used motorcycle by American police officers is the Harley Davidson. Harley Davidson motorcycles have been a favorite bike of many officers for many years.

What motorcycles do police use in Australia?

What type of motorcycles do you use? Victoria: Police Solos use BMW RT1200P, Husqvarna 701 Motards and Husqvarna 501 all-terrain motorcycles. NSW: Yamaha WR250 Trail bikes for off-road use and a choice of Yamaha FJR1300 and BMW R1200 for on-road use.

Which is the best bike for police?

The TVS Apache is a popular motorcycle in the country and just like its chief rival Bajaj Pulsar, it is also used by the police forces of several states. This includes Delhi, Noida, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The cops in these states use the Apache RTR 160 and 180 as interceptors to maintain law and order in their areas.

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Are ex police bikes a good buy?

Though a used police motorcycle is cheap, you can end up spending a pretty good amount of money on repairs. However, they are the most affordable in the market, and the quality will vary.

What kind of Harleys do police ride?

The Harley police bikes are iconic for the American police force. The model can vary from FLHTp Electra Glide to FLHP Road king and XL 883L Sportster. These models are custom tailored to fit the police needs. Usually, the bike’s ergonomics and suspension offer a more comfortable riding position and increased agility.

What kind of Harleys do cops ride?

The bike of choice is based on the need and environment of the riders. Harley-Davidson has provided law enforcement with the XL 883L Sportster, FLHP Road king, and even the FLHTp Electra Glide. Honda and Kawasaki are also both well known for building comfortable touring bikes that are ideal for police work.

Are there still motorcycle cops?

More than 225 U.S. law enforcement agencies, including the California Highway Patrol, have BMW authority motorcycles in their fleets of patrol vehicles. The new BMW bikes outperformed the aging Harley-Davidson fleet.

What do motorcycle police do?

As early as 1908, Police Motorcycles have been used in Traffic Law Enforcement. Motorcycle Units hold a unique position within the Police Department. Police motorcycles have many functions including traffic enforcement, patrol duties, escorts, public relations and parades.

How do I become a motorcycle police officer in Australia?

To be a motorbike officer you will need to have previous motorbike riding experience. In order to apply for the police you will have had to have had an offence-free driving history for at least the previous 12 months, and have a minimum green provisional driver licence (or equivalent).

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How fast are motorcycle cops?

And it’s quick. In the MSP’s tests, it hit 60 mph in 4.41 seconds, made it to 100 mph in 10.75 seconds and hit a top speed of 131 mph. The iconic police bike, this is the police version of Harley-Davidson’s FLHP Road King touring bike.

How many cc is a police motorcycle?

Like the standard model, the 1250 RT-P packs a 1,254cc, 136-hp flat twin, and boasts all kinds of options for gun racks, radar/lidar equipment, and more.

Why do Indian police use Bolero?

One of the most successful SUVs in India, is the Bolero is a popular choice for the police. It can handle bad roads easily, has the ability to handle and load goons at the back. It is drivable on the road. Like the Sumo, the Bolero’s old-school styling works very well for the police.

Do motorcycle cops work in the rain?

Most motorcycle officers will tell you there are about three weeks a year that are perfect riding weather. The rest of the time it’s either too hot or too cold. … Even with all the great weather, at some point most of us will find ourselves performing our duties in the rain.

Why do police ride Harleys?

Harleys have a much lower center of gravity than the competition. This makes them easier to maneuver at slow speeds, which is where most of their riding is done. Harleys are extremely comfortable machines. This is important if an officer is going to ride one for 8–10 hours per day.

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What BMW bikes do police use?

The BMW R 1250 RT has been the perfect police and escort motorcycle for global customers for forty years. The RT is the preferred motorcycle of authorities in more than 150 countries around the world, including Oceania, Asia, African countries, Europe and North and South America.