What kind of oil goes in motorcycle forks?

Can you use regular oil in Forks?

motor oil works well in the outer chambers of twin chamber forks.

What fork oil do I need?

The factories use 5wt oil because it’s thin enough to remain stable when heated past 100 degrees Fahrenheit and thick enough to lubricate the large surface areas sliding back and forth in a fork. The starting point for every modern fork is 5wt oil. That is what your fork needs.

What can I substitute for fork oil?

You can use differential oil. Check the spec on your fork to see what viscosity (“weight”) you need. Make sure that you don’t overfill the shock (don’t guess!)- some shocks only have oil in one side, and others don’t have oil at all.

Which is the best fork oil?

Castrol Fork Oil 20W is an advanced mineral based suspension fluid designed to provide superior damping performance in all on and off road suspensions.

What viscosity is fork oil?

Most cartridge type forks use a viscosity of 16 cSt@40C.

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Is fork oil different than motor oil?

Fork oil probably has a lot more anti-foaming additives than moto oil, so motor oil may have problems when worked really hard in a shock or fork. One of the selling points used for various fork oils is their resistance to foaming and heating under harsh conditions.

Can you use motor oil in shocks?

Motor oil will work fine. It will eat some seals.

What is the difference between 10w and 15w fork oil?

The lighter (thinner) oil will flow quicker. Great for soaking up the small bumps, but on larger stuff or higher speeds, can make for a pogoing effect. Heavier flow slower, so some of the small stuff won’t give the forks a chance to react.

Is all fork oil the same?

Some will claim that fork oil is just fork oil, and any brand will offer the same performance. Consider this before buying another brand: There isn’t a standard viscosity index similar to engine oil. … Brands that offer similar characteristics at 40ºC will feel comparable in performance.

What weight is type E fork oil?

According to the Amsoil sites, Harley Type E oil is 10 wt. Look here and scroll down to the tables. I think Harley SE oil is 15 wt but don’t quote me on that one.

Can I use gear oil instead of fork oil?

Gear oil isn’t right for forks it will not like being forced through a little orfice. ATF is ok and fork oil too.

Can I use hydraulic oil as fork oil?

Firstly, fork oil is hydraulic oil, it does the same job in both circumstances but is under less stress in a pair of motorcycle forks.

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What is R and O hydraulic oil?

It seems as if each piece of hydraulic equipment requires a different hydraulic oil. … R&O stands for rust and oxidation – mineral oils with improved anti-rust and anti-oxidation properties. The ISO classification for these oils is HL. AW stands for anti-wear – R&O oils with an anti-wear additive package.