What causes discoloration on motorcycle exhaust pipes?

There is a simple reason your motorcycle exhaust pipes might have turned blue. Essentially, the metal becomes discolored as a result of the heat of the exhaust going through the pipes. … Heat turns chrome blue, but if your exhaust pipe is made of stainless steel, the excessive heat will turn it golden color.

How do you remove discoloration from motorcycle pipes?

Removing Heat Stains

  1. Let your pipes cool before attempting to work on your bike.
  2. Dampen a tack cloth with water, then sprinkle cleaning powder on the rag. Use motorcycle cleaning powder designed to remove heat discoloration, or “bluing.”
  3. Rub the powder into your pipes to create a thick paste.

Why do motorcycle exhaust pipes turn yellow?

The exhaust pipes are designed to withstand heat, however if there is too much heat with soaring temperatures, the exhaust pipe metal starts coloring. The coloring is because of an oxidized layer forming on the surface of the metal exhaust pipe. The metal has higher oxidization temperatures.

What causes bluing on motorcycle pipes?

Motorcycle exhaust pipes turn blue as a result of extreme heat passing through them. This is usually caused by the motorcycle running lean, meaning there is too much air and too little gas being mixed together which causes a higher temperature to pass through the exhaust pipes.

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How do you keep chrome exhaust pipes from turning blue?

Ways to stop or cover up bluing

  1. Make sure your engine is tuned. …
  2. Air leaks can cause an excessive heat buildup. …
  3. New motorcycle engines go through a break-in period. …
  4. Painting the inside of the exhaust pipes with a ceramic based liquid like DYNO-KOTE™ or Blue Shield can insulate the pipes from intense heat and bluing.

Why do exhaust pipes turn brown?

Essentially, the metal becomes discolored as a result of the heat of the exhaust going through the pipes. Usually, the exhaust pipes are designed to resist the heat, so if you spot exhaust bluing on your bike, it is definitely worth investigating.

Why is my exhaust yellow?

golden yellow means you have a very good air fuel mixture, blue, it may be lean.

How hot do exhaust pipes get motorcycle?

What is the normal operating temperature for a motorcycle? Well, the average temperature in an exhaust pipe can be between 700-1400 degrees Fahrenheit, which is very compared to normal heat and capable of causing heavy damage and burn when touched.

How do you get burn marks off a motorcycle exhaust?

Below is a short list:

  1. Paint Remover (works well for burnt on rain suits)
  2. Generic oven cleaner.
  3. Acetone (found in most fingernail polish removers)
  4. Carb cleaners / starters.
  5. Mineral Spirits, Paint Thinners, Gasoline, Diesel, etc.
  6. WD-40, Goof off, etc.

Does stainless steel exhaust change color?

Through the years, a number of people have asked us about their aftermarket exhaust tips turning a goldish color. Good-quality stainless steel normally turns this color when exposed to repeated heat cycles, and will even turn blue if it gets hot enough. The “golding” should be considered normal and not a defect.

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What does Blue Smoke mean from exhaust?

Blue smoke can often look like grey smoke at first. But if you notice a distinctive bluish tint, it may signal that the engine is burning lots of oil. This could be due to worn engine components like piston rings, valve seals, or PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valves.