How do you take the back wheel off a motorcycle?

How do you take the rear wheel off a motorcycle?

You can remove a rear motorcycle wheel and tire yourself in about 5 easy steps:

  1. Put the motorcycle on a jack and lift the rear tire.
  2. Remove the rear axle nut.
  3. Loosen off the chain adjusters.
  4. Remove the chain from the rear sprocket.
  5. Remove the axle and slide the wheel out.

Can you take the back wheel off a bike?

We have good news: Anyone can remove and install a rear wheel and it won’t affect the shifting or the chain. And if you work carefully, you won’t have to touch that greasy drivetrain either. Here’s how it’s done on any bicycle with derailleurs, from road bikes, to mountain bikes and any 2-wheelers in between.

How do you take off a motorcycle wheel without a stand?

Using car jack: Another effective method involves using a car jack. In this trick, you simply place a wooden block under your bike’s side stand and then place the car jack on the other side. Forward the side stand to ensure the front wheel is well lifted off the ground.

How do you remove both wheels on a motorcycle?


  1. Loosen rear axle nut (bike on the ground obviously), then loosen the front wheel bolts.
  2. Put the bike on its center stand.
  3. Lift the front end.
  4. Voila… remove wheels.
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