How are motorcycle fork tubes measured?

Forks are measured where they clamp into the top triple tree.

How are fork tubes measured?

Measure the from the fork crown race to where the lower pressed race would enter the head tube. Next, measure the upper stack from where the upper pressed race would enter the head tube to the top of the adjusting race.

How do you measure fork size?

The length of the fork is usually measured parallel to the steerer tube from the bottom of the lower bearing race to the center of the front wheel axle.

How do you measure fork travel?

Use a zip tie around the stanchion to make the measurement. Push the zip tie down to the wiper seal and then compress the fork all the way. This is your total travel. Then fill the fork to your regular pressure, push the zip tie back down to the wiper, and go ride your favorite trail.

How do you measure bike forks?

The length of a fork is measured from the center of the axle to the base of the crown race seat, where the fork and headset meet. This measurement can vary by a few millimeters across different brands. A fork of a longer length will decrease the head tube angle, and a fork of a shorter length will increase it.

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How are Springer forks measured?

Measure straight up along the square from the ground to axle center and you have the Wheel Radius (A). The next two dimensions are the Upper Neck Height (B) and Lower Neck Height (C). … When looking at the frame from a side profile, measure from the ground to the CENTER of the neck cups (top for B and bottom for C).

How do you measure the front forks on a Harley Davidson?

FORK LENGTH: The distance between the top of the fork tubes to the centerline of the axle. DIAMETER: The diameter of the front tire.

How do you measure fork on a road bike?

Fork length is usually measured from the bottom of the crown to the center of the axle or where the wheel connects to the blade. This length can be anywhere from 363.5mm to 374.7 mm. A longer fork length will raise up the front end of the bike. A shorter fork length will lower it.

What is head tube length?

The head tube length is measured from the bottom to the top of the head tube. Bikes with a long head tube raises the front end of the bike, putting the rider in a more upright position.

Are all steerer tubes the same size?

Most steerer tubes will be 1 and 1/8th of an inch or 28.6mm some are 1 and 1/4 of an inch or 31.75mm but much rarer. Just measure the inside diameter of your existing stem by taking off the top cap.

How do I know what size steerer tube I need?

Measure your fork steerer tube

You need to measure it in two places. The outside diameter (OD) of the top section (where the stem clamps around, as in the above pic) and the outside diameter of the very bottom bit where the steerer goes into the fork crown (where the headset crown race sits, as in the pic below).

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Is my steerer tube too long?

The steerer tube must not be so long as to protrude from the top of the stem, preventing the headset from being tightened, but also must be long enough to allow for enough clamping contact with the stem.