You asked: Where can I buy a Mongoose mountain bike?

Is Mongoose a good mountain bike brand?

Mongoose Mountain bikes are really popular for their performance. Although the company makes superb entry-level hardtails, they are also responsible for some incredible downhill beasts. Mongoose bikes are suitable for both women and men, but they also have models designed for kids.

Is Mongoose still a good bike brand?

This is a shame because Mongoose still makes excellent bikes, and they have an excellent pedigree particularly in BMX and extreme sports. … The truth is that Mongoose offers great price to performance for beginners, and still makes some of the best high-performance bikes available for people with a bigger budget.

Is Mongoose owned by Walmart?

Mongoose is a brand name of bicycles originally designed, manufactured, and sold by BMX Products, Inc. It is now available through the distributor Pacific Cycle.

Mongoose (company)

Type Subsidiary
Parent Dorel Industries

Is Mongoose any good?

If used within its design and limits, Mongoose offers very good bicycles. A buyer simply has to be aware of those limits, and for their own purposes, select the proper Mongoose bicycle whether it is for commuting or energetic cycling.

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Where is Mongoose bikes made?

Mongoose bikes are manufactured on contract in Asia, primarily in China. Pacific Cycle has 450 employees, about 100 of those at its Madison headquarters. The remainder work at four distribution centers — in Illinois, Georgia and two in California.

What are Mongoose bikes used for?

What types of bikes does Mongoose make? Mongoose manufactures models of bicycles for kids and adults of all ages that are built for activities such as cruising, going off trail, or riding on the beach as well as trick bikes.

What kind of bikes are mongoose?

Mongoose Bicycles | BMX | Mountain | Urban |Kids.

Is Mongoose made by Huffy?

Huffy released its first mountain bike, called the Huffy Blades, in 1996. Meanwhile, Mongoose is a young company, established in Southern California in 1974.

Who owns Mongoose?

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