You asked: How do I change my bike on Zwift?

How do I add a bike to my Zwift profile?

When riding in Zwift, click/tap anywhere to bring up the menu button. One the right, you’ll see four icons. Click/tap on the CUSTOMIZE icon, the one with an image of a kit and bicycle.

How do I access my garage in Zwift?

Click the menu button in the bottom left of your HUD to get to the Menu Screen. Click the “garage” icon on the lower-right side of the menu screen. Or, if you’re using a keyboard on a Mac or PC, press the “T” key to open the Garage.

Does changing your bike on Zwift make a difference?

In the end, bike upgrading on Zwift is similar to what we see in outdoor riding: newbies will see noticeable improvements by upgrading to even a basic race rig, expert racers won’t see much improvement at all between different high-end setups, and TT riders are smart to obsess over getting the very fastest setup.

How do I connect my Kickr bike to Zwift?

Pairing Your Trainer

  1. Log on to Zwift.
  2. Choose “Power Source” for smart trainers on the Pairing Screen.
  3. Spin your pedals to wake up the sensors. …
  4. Look for the name of your trainer.
  5. Click on the name of your smart trainer when you see it.
  6. If the trainer includes an FE-C option, use that.
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How do I change my rider view on Zwift?

How to change the camera angle

  1. PC or MAC — Press keyboard numbers 1-9.
  2. ZML — Tap the ‘Eye Button’ to cycle through the options. Available in Map and Dashboard screens.
  3. iOS — Tap the numbered ‘Video Button’ to cycle through the options.
  4. Camera angle options are also available in ‘fan view’ mode.

How do you ride Alpe du Zwift?

If you haven’t yet completed any climbs in Zwift, you will need to ride a few before you unlock the Road to Sky, which is the route the Alpe resides on. You will have to be at least level 6 to access this, so if you’re new to Zwift you will have to accrue some miles before seeking out this challenge.

How do you get custom jerseys on Zwift?

How Zwift Kits Work Now. Currently, the only way to get an in-game custom kit is to convince ZwiftHQ to devote an artist’s time to making it happen. According to Wes Salmon in this week’s Zwiftcast, creating the kit artwork is a painstaking process.

Does it matter what bike you use on Zwift?

Most people use a 11 or 12-speed road bike for indoor riding, but a mountain bike, gravel bike, or hybrid bike that is compatible with your trainer will do the trick.

How do you unlock bikes on Zwift?

Almost all of the bikes available on Zwift can be purchased through the app’s virtual bikeshop, the Drop Shop. Fortunately you don’t have to spend your actual hard earned in order to unlock these beauties but through the spending of Zwift’s Drop currency.

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How do you get the buffalo bike in Zwift?

Buffalo Fahrrad (Buffalo Bike)

This beautiful benevolent beast is typically unlocked automatically for the annual World Bicycle Relief event.