Question: Do I need a power commander to tune my bike?

yes you need a powercommander for a dyno tune. That is what they tune that controls how much fuel is pumped into your engine. You also should install block off plates. It may help with some of the popping as well.

What will a Power Commander do for my bike?

A Power Commander is a brand of fuel injection or ignition timing manufactured by Dynojet Research Inc. The Power Commander is used by motorcycles as a way of boosting their engine performance to a higher level of horsepower than a rider might get from the motorcycle’s stock engine performance.

Do you need to tune your bike after exhaust?

Tuning is required for a full system exhaust because they improve the flow of gases in your motorcycle significantly. Thus, increasing the amount of oxygen in the combustion chamber. You need a tune – mainly to increase the amount of fuel injected into the combustion chamber.

Is a Power Commander bad for your bike?

Power Commanders do not harm your bike. They don’t “trick” the OEM ECU. It is nothing more than a piggyback ECU.

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Does a Power Commander increase horsepower on a motorcycle?

The Power Commander is a tuning tool to adjust fuel, and on some models ignition timing. Just adding a Power Commander to a completely stock vehicle usually does not increase peak horsepower. It usually will improve drivability, throttle response, and mid-range horsepower and torque.

Can you tune a power commander?

DynoJet’s Power Commander has been a popular tool for backyard mechanics who want to fine-tune their engine’s fuel injection settings, particularly for track applications. … Once connected, however, the Power Commander is a simlpe device to operate, allowing for hassle-free tuning of your machine.

Does a slip-on exhaust require a Power Commander?

the only time you need mapping (power commander) is if you do anything to change the air/fuel ratio. the reason a slip-on does not need a power commander is because the exup valve (a servo controlled butterfly valve in your exhaust) is still in place and it manages exhaust flow and back pressure.

How much HP does a full Yoshimura exhaust add?

Full exhaust system without any tuning could yield you about 7-10 horsepower.

Does slip-on exhaust add power?

Slip-on mufflers won’t improve horsepower or performance. Slip-ons are mostly for decoration and noise enhancement. Installation on some bikes may require bodywork done by a professional at a shop.

What exactly does a power commander do?

What is a Power Commander? The Power Commander is a fuel injection and, on some models, an ignition timing adjustment unit that plugs ‘inline’ with the bike’s stock ECU (Electronic Control Unit). … Simply removing the Power Commander unit returns the bike to its previous stock condition.

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How do I install power commander?

How to… fit a power commander

  1. Position the commander. Find somewhere protected from rain and engine heat to mount the power commander. …
  2. Connect to the battery. The power commander has one black 12v connector, which goes onto the black negative battery terminal. …
  3. Connect to the injectors. …
  4. Check and start the bike.

Where can I download Power Commander maps?

To install a map on a Power Commander V fuel tuner, you will need to download the Dynojet Power Commander software using a Windows computer (or a Mac running Windows). Once you install the software, it is easy to download maps from the website.

What does a Dynojet Power Commander do for a motorcycle?

The Power Commander V is a unique EFI tuning device because it can monitor and maintain your air/fuel ratio without directly changing the ECU. To reinstate your stock settings, all you need to do is uninstall the device, and you’re done.