How fast is a Super 73 bike?

The Super73 S2 is a Class 3 ebike. You can use the hand throttle to take it up to 20 miles per hour without pedaling and receive assistance from the electric motor up to 28 miles per hour while pedaling.

How fast do Super73 bikes go?

This nets you a top speed of 28 mph using throttle power alone and the bike just comes alive with this feature. In fact, it’s entertaining and practical enough that I think if you’re going to get a Super73, it’s super important to choose a model with Unlimited Mode (in other words, skip the Z1).

How fast does the Super 73 S2 go?

Super73 – S2 eBike w/35 mi Max Operating Range & 28 mph Max Speed – Hudson Blue.

How fast can the Super73 S1 go?

Super73 Electric Bikes: 20+mph Top Speed, 30+ Miles Of Range & Customized By Super Street, Hot Rod & Four Wheeler.

What is the fastest Super73?

Super73 actually lists the top speed of Unlimited Mode as “28mph +,” meaning that riders might even be surprised with an even higher top speed. Considering the “20 mph” Super73 S1 took me up to 25 mph, I wouldn’t be shocked to find that the R-Series overdelivers on speed as well.

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Is the Super 73 street legal?

Super73 S2 is a Class 2 Electric bike so they are street legal unless you are younger than 16 years old.

Can you ride Super 73 in rain?

Yes, you may ride your bike in the rain. Note that the Super73 is not meant for use in puddles, heavy rain, and riding through streams. … If you leave your bike out in the rain, make sure the battery connectors are covered and dry before placing your battery on it.

Which ebike is the fastest?

Fastest Electric Bikes – Top 5 Picks for 2022

  • BAKCOU Flatlander – Fastest Electric Hunting Bike. …
  • Rad Power RadRover 5 – Best Value-for-Money Fast E-Bike. …
  • Trek Domane+ – Fastest Road E-Bike. …
  • Trek Allant+ – The Fastest Commute Ebike. …
  • Kasen K-6.0 High-Power Electric Bike.

Is Super 73 legal in UK?

It is a street-legal Electrically Powered Assisted Cycle (EPAC), In riding mode 1 you can reach up to 25km/h and are well within the legal limits of public roads in the UK. Modes 2-4 are obtained using the Super73 app and are then only deemed legal on private land.

How much is a Super 73 bike?

The Super 73, a minimalist electric bike that resembles a small motorcycle, started at about $2,000 (with a retail price of $3,000), which is much pricier than more practical e-bikes.

Where are Super 73 bikes made?

The Super 73 is built in our factory in California. We also use local suppliers to support the Southern California economy. We are proponents of light electric transportation that helps people get around safely and quickly.

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How do you get unlimited mode on Super 73?

To enable Unlimited Mode, the rider needs to launch the Super73 App, accept the terms and conditions and enable Unlimited mode which will unlock the extra power and speed while enabling the use of the throttle (purchased separately via the “Off-Road Package) only for that ride.

How fast is the Swind EB 01?

SWIND EB-01 is the ultimate toy for the urban adventurer and cross-country adrenalin junkie. £15k bicycle boosts pedal power with 15kW electric motor, delivering speeds of over 60mph (100km/h) and 80 miles (130km) of range.

How fast is the Super73 ZX?

It can reach speeds of up to 20 mph (32 km/h) on throttle and 28 mph (45 km/h) when you add in pedaling. Or you can put it in mode 4 and just enjoy ripping on the throttle up to its 28 mph max speed, no pedaling required. It’s hard to really ding the Super73-ZX anywhere.

Who makes Super73?

Aaron P. Wong is co-founder, Chief Brand Officer, and an executive director at SUPER73, Inc., a lifestyle adventure brand pioneering a new category of electric transportation that lives between bicycle and motorcycles.

Who makes Super73 batteries?

The motorbike-styled Super73® e-bike from Lithium Cycles is one of the hottest design innovations in the industry. We recently checked out one of their batteries for one of our customers for their Scout S1 model. The S73-700 battery is originally listed at 48V 14.5Ah in a 13S 5P configuration.