How do you get a mountain bike on Zwift?

To unlock the Zwift mountain bike, you must complete the trail in under 12 minutes, 30 seconds AND get at least 9 out of 10 stars.

Does Zwift have mountain bike trails?

Zwift even have a dedicated MTB trail on which you have to steer using your smartphone balanced on your bars. Off-road-specific training plans set Zwift apart.

Can I use mountain bike on trainer?

Most direct drive trainers are compatible with mountain bikes, as long as you have the correct adapters for your bike and a cassette that is compatible with the drivetrain on your bike. Here are tips for setting up your mountain bike on a direct drive trainer: You will need an extra cassette.

How do I get a bike in Zwift?

Almost all of the bikes available on Zwift can be purchased through the app’s virtual bikeshop, the Drop Shop. Fortunately you don’t have to spend your actual hard earned in order to unlock these beauties but through the spending of Zwift’s Drop currency.

How does steering work on Zwift?

With a STERZO Smart under the front wheel, where a wheel block would otherwise go, you steer and what you do is reflected on the screen in Zwift. Have you ever been riding in Zwift, in the group, and you find yourself off to one side, not in the draft?

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How do you buy stuff on Zwift?

Some gear will be locked until you reach a specific level in-game and/or have enough Drops. To purchase the item, select the green tag in the bottom left-hand corner.

The Drop Shop

  1. Log in to Zwift.
  2. Start a ride.
  3. Once your ride starts, select Menu.
  4. When the Paused window loads, select Garage.

Can you put any bike on a trainer?

Bike fit: Trainers can fit a wide range of bikes, but you need to double-check trainer and bike specs to be sure. … Additional parts: Many direct-drive trainers require you to also buy a rear cassette that’s compatible with your bike’s drivetrain.

How do I turn my regular bike into a stationary bike?

There are two types of stationary bike stands: a trainer, which clamps the back wheel of the bicycle while the front wheel stays on and is able to move, or a roller bike stand, which elevates the bike, allowing both wheels to spin.

What bikes are available on Zwift?

Most Zwifters use road bikes—but mountain bikes, hybrids, and smart bikes work, too. You’ll also need a trainer. There are two types of trainers: smart and classic. A classic trainer is a great, inexpensive option that’s easy to set up and use.

Does the type of bike matter on Zwift?

A lighter setup will climb faster than a heavier rig, and a more aero (low CdA) setup will go faster at higher speeds than one less aero. Some bike frames and wheelsets are unlocked via in-game events or challenges, but most need to be purchased from the Drop Shop in order to be used.

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