Can I trade in my bike for a car?

Let’s answer this question right from the get-go, yes, you can trade your motorcycle for a car. You can trade it privately or with a dealer. What it boils down to is how much you want for the bike.

Can you trade-in a bike that you still owe on?

A: If you still owe money on the motorcycle, you can trade it in for a cheaper one. If, for example, you owe $15,000 and the motorcycle is worth $20,000, the dealer can purchase the motorcycle as a trade-in, pay off the loan, and put the $5,000 toward your new auto loan as equity.

Will car dealers take motorcycles trade?

Auto dealerships will accept a motorcycle trade-in if they can sell the bike for a higher price than they paid for it. The decision to accept a motorcycle as a trade-in is made by each individual auto dealership.

Can I trade my motorcycle for a new one?

Going to your local dealership for a motorcycle trade-in is considered one of the best ways to sell your motorcycle when you want to keep on riding. However, when it comes to getting your motorcycle trade-in value, sometimes dealerships can give you the runaround on what offer they are willing to negotiate.

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How do I sell my car that I still owe money on?

Subtract the payoff amount from the value of the vehicle. If the result is positive, you have equity in your car; if it’s negative, you’re upside down on the car loan. Selling a car with negative equity means you need to give the lender all the money from the car sale and pay for the negative equity.

How can I sell my bike with loan?

Selling a bike under finance

  1. Determine how much you owe on the bike before you list.
  2. Determine how you will pay off the remaining loan amount.
  3. Assuring the buyer the remaining finance has been paid off.
  4. Taking ownership.
  5. Honesty.
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Is rumble on legit?

Yep, RumbleOn is a company that buys people stuff, then resells it. They are legit, in the sense that it isn’t a scam. They actually will pay you cash money for your bike, and come pick it up.

Where is the best place to sell a motorcycle?

The Five Best Places to Sell Your Motorcycle Online

  1. Rumble On. Rumble On is a consumer marketplace. …
  2. eBay. eBay is another reliable marketplace that allows you to reach potential buyers from all over the country. …
  3. Craigslist. …
  4. 4. Facebook Marketplace. …
  5. Cycle Trader.

Can I trade my financed car for a motorcycle?

Once you have found a buyer decide on the appropriate payment method and exchange of the car. … Trading in your used car- One of the easiest ways of selling a used car is to trade it into the dealership where you are purchasing your next motorcycle. It is quick and easy and for the most part, it is safe.

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