Are bicycle helmets important?

Why is it important to wear a bicycle helmet? All bike riders should wear bicycle helmets. Each year in the United States, about 800 bicyclists are killed and another 500,000 end up in hospital emergency rooms. … Wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of head injury to bicyclists by as much as 85 percent.

Why are cycling helmets important?

It boosts safety levels

When riding a bicycle, your head and face are the parts of your body that are most vulnerable to accidents. As mentioned, you don’t want your face to get shoved on the pavement or your head to get hit by a stone. Without wearing a helmet, they can easily get injured and damaged.

Are bike helmets pointless?

A British brain surgeon says cycle helmets are too flimsy and can actually create more danger by creating the illusion of greater safety. If a car manufacturer suddenly told you fenders were useless, you might raise an eyebrow.

Do Bike helmets save lives?

Riders with helmets had an 85 percent reduction in their risk of head injury and an 88 percent reduction in their risk of brain injury . We conclude that bicycle safety helmets are highly effective in preventing head injury.

Why should we not wear helmets?

Why people DON’T wear helmets:

There have been studies showing that wearing a helmet makes people take more risks and therefore can lead to accidents. Wearing a helmet won’t really protect against life-threatening injuries. Helmets look uncool. … Helmets are uncomfortable to wear.

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What percentage of cyclists wear helmets?

Approximately 38 percent of adults who ride bicycles wear a helmet regularly, and 69 percent of children under the age of 16 do so as well.

Are bicycle helmets important topic sentence?

Because helmets protect the brain in the event of a wreck, they are essential to the safety of every cyclist. … If you are addressing the cost of helmets, a concluding/transition sentence may look like this: Because helmets protect the brain in the event of a wreck, they are essential to the safety of every cyclist.

Why do Europeans not wear bike helmets?

Bicycling is super safe in the Netherlands

the Dutch don’t need bike helmets because cycling is not an intrinsically dangerous activity – it’s the road environment that is dangerous, and the Dutch have created a safe cycling environment. The majority of head injuries are sustained by car occupants.