Pappy’s Cabin at the Pond

1432-2550 Laurel Fork Rd, Alkol, WV 25501

Pappy’s Cabin at the Pond is located on 77 acres of secluded wilderness all to yourself. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced! Lots of fun for the entire family including boating, fishing, hiking trails, zip line, and much more! Fun, convenience and taking it easy. Three key elements as to why I built this little resort for my family to enjoy. When you stay here, only your group will have access to the entire 77 Acres and all of the fun things to do. This is a unique place to spend a relaxing time away. Be the first to schedule your visit! We’ve just rolled out this brand-new website and began advertising on the Hatfield-McCoy website 7-14-2010. The cabin sits in the middle of a secluded 77 acres of West Virginia Mountain Forest and is made of Hemlock Wood. Furnished with antique rocking chairs, books and hymnals, the cabin makes a perfect setting for family singing and story telling. Some of the cabin’s amenities include a stone fireplace that heats the cabin with natural gas logs. All you have to do is push a button to get the fire started, no worry of starting wood kindling as the fireplace is thermostat controlled. The cabin is outfitted with cathedral wood ceiling and exposed beams with sleeping quarters in the balcony. Under the balcony you will find the bathroom and kitchen areas . The bathroom is equipped with a shower, sink, linen closet and commode. The kitchen contains an island, natural gas cooking stove, sink and eat-in bar. The front porch of the cabin is outfitted with a wrought-iron dinette set, gas grill with side burner, rocking chair and a six foot swing big enough to lay down on. The cabin is so remote that it doesn’t have electrical service, we use solar power! Just flip the switch and the lights come on, open the faucet and the water runs, just like home! Our pond is a 400 foot body of water with a 40 foot boat dock and two boats. One boat is a paddle boat for leisure and laid back fun while the other boat is a row boat for fishing and exercise…….

Key Amenities

  • Modular Double-Wide
  • Indirect access to trails; riders will need to trailer machine(s) from this lodging facility to the nearest trail system.
  • Kitchen
  • On-Site Parking
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